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Healthy Solutions For Your Livestock Production

Insighter® is committed to customers’ customers’in animal GUT Health by providing non-antibiotic antidiarrheal solutions whose results can be seen within 3-7 days. 

With our second-generation NGPs (Alternatives to AGPs), we are able to help feed mills and farms get rid of their headaches of diarrheal incidence legitimately, efficaciously and relatively cost-effectively.

The GUT Health Solutions include:

  • Intestinal astringents to replace ZnO : Tannic Acid (Tanpro® &  Colistizer®)
  • Green & Broad-spectrum Intestinal Antimicrobial to replace Colistin Sulphate: Superstin (Benzoic Acid)
  • Anti-secretory antidiarrheal agent : Butye-ER (Calcium Butyrate)


Any doubt? Please feel free to contact us to find out! Seeing is believing!


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Deep Insight + Strong Research + Diverse Feed Component Competency x (Optimizing Nutrient Utilization + Supporting the Gut Microbiome) = Superior Solutions

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