SuperEnro™ (Bitter overcome Enrofloxacin for Swine)

SuperEnro™ (10% Enrofloxacin primix for Swine)

Super-Enro feed additive

Bitterness is the main disadvantage of the common Enrofloxacin, it affect the effect of the Swine Disease control.How it the solution for the following problem?

  • Haemophilus parasuis
  • Infectious pleuropneumonia
  • Swine enzootic pneumonia
  • Pasteurellosis
  • Streptococcus suis
  • E.coli infection
  • Various respiratory infections
  • Control of mixed & secondary infections
  • Others


SuperEnro™ Choice the most advantage Bitter overcome technology,it is the smart solution to the above problems.High quality polymer material as carrier; elevate affinity of enrofloxacin in animal body and the bio-availability increased by 2-4 times compared with common enrofloxacin. 

【Composition】: Enrofloxacin ≥ 10%

【Appearance】: White microcapsule

【Features】: High quality polymer material as carrier; elevate affinity of enrofloxacin in animal body and the bio-availability increased by 
2-4 times compared with common enrofloxacin. Furthermore, the high quality polymer material possess delay effect function, and the effective
 blood concentration lasted for longer time.

【Efficiency】:The third generation fluoroquinolone anti-bacteria drugs, it mainly inhibit DNA gyrase, and inhibit DNA replication, kill harmful bacteria. 

It is very sensitive to G+ bacteria and G- bacteria and mycoplasma and other anaerobic bacteria. 
Such as E.coli, salmonella,Pasteurella, proteusbacillus vulgaris, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus.

Enrofloxacin bitter overcome teconology

Base on the intensive study of the taste sense and the bitter signaling pathway of swines,Insighter choice the most efficiency active peptide to overcome bitterness of TAS2R receptor,then let the swines intake the Enrofloxacin feed normally.

The antimicrobial spectrum of enrofloxacin-ISTadd

High bioavailability and safety enrofloxacin feed additives-ISTadd

Bioavailability of SuperEnro(enrofloxacin) feed additives-ISTadd