Antidiarrheal (Anti-secretory) Micro-encapsulated

Calcium Butyrate 70% Premix

Unique Characteristics & Functions of Buta-ER™

  • Deodorized:  Buta-ER™ is free of the unpleasant odour found  in sodium butyrate or its coated preparations; 
  • Non-hygroscopic: Buta-ER™ remains free flowing and easy to use in the presence of high humidity, while sodium butyrate is extremely hygroscopic and tends to deliquesce;
  • Highly stable: During feed processing and storage, the stability of Buta-ER is significantly greater than sodium butyrate or its preparations, not to be oxidized (like sodium butyrate) or volatilized (like glyceryl butyrate);
  • Palatable: Buta-ER™ is free from strong acrid taste sodium butyric and the bitter taste of glyceryl butyrate,  thus not impacting on the palatability even administered at high dosage (such as 2 Kgs in one ton of feed).
  • Enteric-coated*: Thoroughly target-released in the intestine and free from the defect of low release rate of glyceryl tributyrate and glyceryl monobutyrate.

Multifarious Features and Effects of  Buta-ER™

  • Brand new mechanism of action against diarrhea: anti-pathologic secretion (repairing mucosal, lengthening intestinal villi, up-regulation of tight junction protein expression and regulation of water channel protein);
  • The biological activity of Buta-ER™ in the Gut supports current antimicrobial strategies or antimicrobial growth promoter (AGP) replacement. Benefits include reduction of soft faeces and diarrhea in swine and wet droppings in poultry;
  •  Buta-ER™ is safe for use in all species including swine and poultry, against diarrhea, alo laxat, presence of wet droppings and soft stool, eventually promoting their growth performance.
  • Buta-ER™ supplements spare energy and provides a source of organic calcium: Digestive energy in swine: 2.96 kcal/kg; metabolic energy in poultry: 2.84 kcal/kg; Ca: 130.9 g/kg.
  • Most cost-effective: Buta-ER™ is known as the most cost-effective product among all the butyrates for feed use.