Achieve INNO fund by Ministry of guangzhou science and technology

Animal feed antibiotics is the most widely using growth promoter,but it met two problem now:

  • Bacterial resistance affect the Public health;
  • The Effect dropped significantly by the serious Bacterial resistance;

Insighter set up a research to make a new animal feeding additives which main material is Six Hydrogen beta acid ester.

Compare with the antibiotics,the Six Hydrogen beta acid ester with strong antibacterial activity,High security,No issues of drug resistance & Remains of pesticide, fertilizer and antibiotics.Six Hydrogen beta acid ester with advantage in effect,cost, social efficiency,it with  prosperous application & stronger market competition.

Insighter improve the process route of industrial production &Pilot production process & validation studies of the feeding animal.


Insighter acheie the 900 millions  INNO fund by Ministry of guangzhou science and technology.




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